Your Local Air Conditioning Experts

Since 1969, AMX has been Fairfield’s Air Conditioning experts. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners stay comfortable during the summer months with expertly built energy efficient cooling systems. The AMX Team is well-trained, highly experienced, fully licensed, insured, and ready to make your home comfortable. AMX is your full service Air Conditioning partner providing full design, installation, routine maintenance, and repair.

Matching the Ideal Air Conditioning System to Your Property:

The cost of installing and maintaining an air conditioning system in your home can vary greatly. We take pride in designing and installing the ideal system for your property to keep price at the bottom line. A well-matched cooling system minimizes waste and saves you money each month on your energy bill.

Ductless Air Conditioning:

Don’t have the necessary ductwork for central air but still want air conditioning? The answer is an affordable and energy efficient Ductless system. Permanently mounted into a wall or ceiling, a Ductless Air Conditioning system is significantly more efficient than window mounted units and much less of an eye soar. Ductless Systems also provide heating and can be used all Winter long. We proudly use Mitsubishi Ductless Systems, click here to find out more about Mitsubishi products.

AMX and Air Purity:

Air Conditioning is the best way to breath easy during allergy season. With the use high quality HEPA filters, our systems remove over 99.9% of airborne particles like Pollen and other allergens. HEPA filters also prevent dangerous pollutants like car exhaust from entering your home.

AMX and Energy Efficiency:

We are energy experts working to make our area a greener place. Each of our systems is custom designed and installed to match your individual property, bringing waste to a minimum. Saving energy is a win-win for homeowners, we allow you to save money while protecting the local environment. Through routine maintenance, we make sure that each system is running at peak performance and continuing to save you money.

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